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By | January 16, 2019

If you want to know about Game Stop Return Policy, Game Stop Refund Policy or Exchange Policy find out here. GameStop sells new and used video games and video systems of the any second hand. If you have order any video games or accessories from the GameStop website or purchase online or any store of the GameStop then also if you want to return or exchange product then you can easily find out how you can return the product. Just for information company also sell game magazine if you are subscriber of that magazine then you can also get additional 10% credit for the trade in any items of the GameStop. Check More – Epson ReturnCanon Returns

How Many Return Days Does GameStop Give?

All those who purchase something from GameStop and want to know about exactly how many Return Days does gamestop give. You have exactly 30 days to return any product to GameStop. Refund is made to original form of payment which ever payment method you used you can get your refund on that method. The only exception to this is cash purchase over $150. You will get that on 15 business days to issue check from the main office.

gamestop return policy

If you Purchase a New Item – Unopened

When purchasing a new game or video game console that is unopened the stores return policy from Game Stop is:

  • You must have to carry a receipt of purchase
  • If unopened, you will receive a full refund in 30 days of purchase.

If you purchase a new item that is opened the policy is:

  • You get an identical exchange only, and that does include tablets.

Official Gamestop Return Policy

If you want to know the official return policy of GameStop then you can get it from here. There is full document online from that site you can download from that to get full complete details of the GameStop Return Policy online. Customers must return merchandise within 30 days of purchase and the item must be unopened.

Do I Need My Receipt to Return Items?

Yes, You must need receipt to return any item of GameStop store. You have to secure your purchase bill for 30 days for any replacements or anything. Without your receipt, you’re up a stinky creek without a paddle.

If you purchase a new product online the rules are simple

If you download any game online you are not eligible for any refund or anything. From following item you can not claim for refund or return.

Here is the official text from the stores website:

  •  Downloadable Content (DLC), Digital Games and/or PC Downloads = no returns or exchanges.

Products Purchased Online

If you purchased any product online then you must have to know the rules and regulation of Following are rules for the return online.

If you return to online:

  • Send the packing list sheet for the returned items.
  • Let them know what the reason for the return is.
  • Send all returned items to the address on the return shipping label.

Return to any GameStop store

  •  Store return policies may vary and are subject to manager approval.

GameStop Return / Refund Policy Review

If you bought something from GameStop then you must have to keep receipt and maintain packaging in as new condition. This will help you to refund quickly.

Return Tips for GameStop

  • If you return an item to Game Stop refund will happen to original payment type.
  • If you purchased more than $150 then store will give you by cheque.
  • Gift Recipes you can only used for exchange or gift card.

GameStop have reserve the right to refuse any product if anyone return the product. If you have any query or complaint regarding any store then you can contact Game Stop on 1-800-883-8895 number for any kind of details.

Contact Game Stop Return Policy Department

If you want to call the customer care number for any kind of return, refund or exchange then contact the customer service department about your return details. So, any kind of details information about find out here for GameStop Return Policy.


So, above is all complete information about the Game Stop Return Policy or Exchange an Item details information find out here. If you have any query regarding anything then just comment on below box for more details.


How Many Return Days Does GameStop Give?

30 Days Return Policy

Are There Any Exceptions to the 30 Days?

Yes there are couple of exceptions to 30 days.

Can Items Be Opened then if they will take return ?

Yes but there are some exempted are their.

Do I Need My Receipt to Return Items?

Yes, You must need the item.

What About Returning Pre-Owned Titles?

After your 7 days are up, GameStop still gives you 30 days to do an identical exchange.

What About Returning Items Bought Online?

You have two options when buying from their website. Above is complete details for the returning items bought online.

What About Returning Gaming Accessories?

You can get a full refund on opened or unopened accessories within 30 days of purchase.

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